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Migrate eCommerce Shop from Shopify

Shopify have terminated a number of online hunting shops and online tactical shops in South Africa and the rest of the world that were running on Shopify’s popular shopping cart platform.

Shopify No Weapons Allowed
Shopify No Weapons Allowed

Two South African online hunting shops that have fallen foul of Shopify terms are:

Safari and Outdoor

Safari and Outdoor announced on their website through a notice that:

“Shopify has pulled the trigger on restricted items”.

They went on to explain:

“We want to extend our gratitude and give thanks to the customers who supported our business by purchasing firearms and bullets online. To our dismay, we are restricted from selling these items on our website. Shopify has updated their acceptable use policy (AUP) and has banned them from online stores across the globe.”

Tactical Quarter Master

On 30 January 2019 Tactical Quarter Master announced through their Facebook page that Shopify had pulled their store. Browsing to their web address shows a “This shop is unavailable” message. (At the time of writing this article)

“Shopify is the platform we use as the interface of our online shop. After much rushing about and trying to sort out the IT issues of this morning, our IT company informed us that Shopify has shut down our online shop. They informed us that we were notified in August last year.”

While the Safari and Outdoor online shop is still up and running for now, they have had to remove many of their core products including firearms and ammunition, primers and gunpowder.

This change in Shopify’s “Restricted Items” also reserves them the right to adjust the scope of these “restricted items” at any given time. This could mean that many other products related to hunting and tactical also need to be removed further down the line.

Safari and Outdoor were lucky to get away with only having to remove their offending products, Tactical Quarter Master on the other hand had their site entirely disabled by Shopify.

Shopify Downtime Has Huge Impact on Revenue and Unbudgeted Costs To Develop New Websites

There is no doubt that being shut down and restricted in this manner has a huge impact on a business as eCommerce sales now form such a significant portion of a retailers turnover and profitability.

Furthermore, it takes time to get a new quality eCommerce store up and running all the while you are unable to trade online.

Having to unexpectedly redesign and redevelop a new eCommerce shop is an unplanned and unbudgeted expense.

Also, what many won’t realise is that Google will have indexed the old shops in their search engine and where these shops may have appeared high up on Google’s search results previously they will most certainly see their rankings drop. Their search results will now appear far further down on Google and possibly even drop off completely for an extended period of time. Even worse, customers browsing to their old URL’s will end up on an error pages if this is not handled correctly.

RAiN Digital Marketing Offers a Solution for Online Hunting Shops

Are you wanting to start a online hunting shop or Tactical online shop? Worried about your site being terminated by Shopify or other similar shopping carts? We at RAiN Digital Marketing are perfectly suited to assist you in getting your new online hunting shop up and running on an eCommerce platform that will not restrict you from selling hunting and tactical related products.

We have over 10 years eCommerce experience in the hunting industry having designed and developed many of South Africa’s top online hunting shops. We have also been involved in the online and digital marketing of these online hunting stores with great success. We are experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) meaning we know how to get your online hunting shop to rank on page 1 of Google.

If you are currently on Shopify or another eCommerce platform that you would like to migrate from, we have the tools and technical know-how to migrate your site over to a new robust platform. We will do this in a manner that will not see you loose your Google rankings and search results, keeping your old site structure and URL’s as they were. This is critical for Search Engine Optimisation and maintaining your Google rankings.

Our dedicated servers are hosted in South Africa with a 99% uptime guarantee. There is no risk of it being shut down as has been the case with many Shopify online shops selling hunting and tactical related products.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can assist you in getting your hunting shop online and ready for trade – with no risk of being shut down like many Shopify stores.

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