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What is Growth Hacking?

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is a term that is often used in modern business but in our opinion one of the most misused terms around. In order for us to explain what a growth hacker is, it is important to note that a growth hacker is someone who is more concerned with achieving an objective than following a prescribed process.

For example, a hacker might try to get unauthorised access to a specific computer system, it won’t matter how he does it, just that he managed to get in. A growth hacker is a hacker whose objective is to grow the number of users for a specific product. While user growth is historically considered to be a marketing function, which assumes that there is only one way to get more users: i.e marketing – which is not entirely true. In recent years, we are seeing more and more products grow from zero to millions of users with no marketing at all.

There are many non-marketing related areas of the business that also affects user growth, therefore, growth hackers tend to take a cross-functional approach to ensure that optimum product growth levels are achieved. This being said, it does as a result not make sense to place growth hacking under a particular department like marketing or engineering.

Even though growth hacking is still a relatively new business concept, there are some really inspirational examples of innovative growth hackers like Noah Kagan (AppSumo, Mint, Facebook), Mike Greenfield (Circle of Moms, LinkedIn), Dave McClure (500 Start-ups, Paypal) have really pioneered growth hacking techniques focused on Virality, email, search engine optimization & marketing.

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