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Traditional Advertising Vs Digital Marketing

Traditional Advertising Vs Digital Marketing

Digital Vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing
Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that if he could build the best mouse-trap in the world, people would flood to his door even if he lives in the bush, this is, however, a fallacy because you need to market your business in order to make more consumers aware of your product or service.

As South African digital marketing specialists we share some thoughts in order to help you decide whether traditional advertising or digital marketing will work best for your business needs.

Important factors you need to take into consideration


Digital marketing is much cheaper to reach more people, however, many bigger businesses make use of both traditional as well as digital marketing efforts in order to make the right people aware of the product or service that their business offer.

Measuring Return on Investment

Measuring return on investment in terms of traditional advertising can be an expensive exercise, for example how would you measure the amount of people that has seen your billboard, whereas everything from amount of people that have seen your post or landing page, to where actual people that have converted came from, can easily be measured with the help of Google Analytics.

Tracking your digital marketing efforts means

• Measure traffic to your site,
• The level of engagement your audience has on your social networks, and
• Count the people visiting your blog.


With Smartphones entering the market, the way that people access and consume media has changed forever. According to Serious Simple Marketing:
• 4 out of 5 mobile phone users shop online.
• People check their social networks on their smartphones rather than their desktops.
• 3 out of 5 mobile users pay attention to mobile ads while visiting social media sites.
• Mobile marketing ranks at the top in terms of media consumption with 1.8 hours, above TV (1.5 hours) and other platforms.
• People spend about 2 hours or more on their phone per day.

So, therefore, it is of critical importance that your business has a mobile-friendly digital presence that will allow people to engage with your business on their Smartphone.

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What do you think, is digital or traditional advertising working better for your business?

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